Change Log 4.0.8403.40653 (01/03/2023 22:35:13)

  • 10/11/22 - Enteric emissions reported estimates updated
  • 10/11/22 - Downloading detailed animal agriculture report bug resolved
  • 10/14/22 - Available Water Holding Capacity report visible for all users
  • 10/17/22 - New user registration email bug resolved
  • 10/25/22 - Cropland report generation bug fixed. Single user impacted.
  • 10/27/22 - Animal Agriculture project import failure resolved
  • 11/2/22 - Blank cropland detailed export baseline report resolved
  • 11/10/22 - Agroforestry management table resets after county change
  • 11/9/22 - Reported values on cropland export file updated. Impacting only projects where a cover crop was added in the final year of the scenario.
  • 11/14/22 - Agroforestry report not running with other accounting activities resolved.
  • 11/14/22 - Available water holding capacity report showing 0s for cover crops bug is resolved.
  • 11/15/22- Indirect N20 emissions equations updated

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New features and enhancements to COMET-Farm Version 4.0
30 September 2022

  • An updated version of the DayCent model moving to the 30cm depth version from the 20cm depth version. An overview of differences between versions is summarized here: COMET Versions Comparison – September 2022 .
  • New direct N2O emissions estimates using the DayCent model.
  • New conservation practices available on the conservation practice advisor (CPA) for use in future scenarios.
  • Improved readability and accessibility for PDF help documents.
  • New available water holding capacity report.
  • Numerous bug and defect fixes.

The COMET-Farm™ Team

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